Showcase #3. Meet the Main Character.

2 months ago


Not gone. Never forgotten

Greetings! It seems that we have been absent for a longer time than we inquired to. We can assure – that time was not spent in vain; we’ve been working on several useful features that are going to be used both in-game and in development. But enough with our magical dev chatter – today’s showcase is a rather important one.

Is it you? Is it me? No... it’s Him

We’d like you to meet Nickolas Damon – the main character of the Agency’s story. We think that it is essential for story-driven gameplay to have a protagonist. Although it is important to understand that multiple perspectives are extremely difficult to deal with – but that is not the problem, the problem lies in technical limitations, due to Agency being a modification for a game that is not intended for modifications. Nonetheless, here he is – the man who is going to be your eyes and your hands.

The important semantics

Understanding this entity is valuable since it is the vessel of the player’s enjoyment. Nick is not your everyday hero, who signed his contract with Death to bring bad people to justice, Nick is what is usually referred to as an anti-hero. That simply means that he is not entirely a good person – he is selfish, psychotic, and has a unique moral compass (some might say it’s uncertain or even nonexistent). There are a couple of reasons for such a decision: first, making him ultimately good was not a great idea – murder does not mix well with “good”, although some would say it is arguable; second, making him ultimately bad was also a bad idea – while we don’t want to make any statements with the story, we also don’t want to make this accidentally bear a message about hatred for humanity; lastly, making a gray character is like a coin toss, meaning it could go either way and I like these odds. More than that, this kind of character could be manipulated more easily into being a moral pendulum, which is a huge writing potential. Making a gray character is a great challenge that we wish to take upon ourselves, but, perhaps, we are not going to be alone on this path.

Wink, wink...

Our goals Holding at Gunpoint

We want to incorporate several features into the gameplay which are directly connected to Nick as a person – we believe that narrative-driven gameplay is the right way for us, given how much an interesting story which is actively engaging with you can change the experience. That is the goal, the heart of the project – something you wish you forget so you can play it again. That said, the story is not compensation for the lack of gameplay – we want to have both systems tightly work with each other to the point of it being seamless.

Until we meet again, Nickolas...

We have talked a lot about conceptual decisions behind the project, and there are more decisions that are noteworthy, which we will talk about a bit later. There is also a talk to be had about Nick himself – who he is and why is he that way? That talk will be less conceptual and closer to the actual story, so brace yourselves. But for now, we have to come back to our dark rooms with shiny monitors to deliver something you will love. So long, bear well!

Nick's Silhouette




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