Showcase #2. Stealth mechanics.

5 months ago


Greetings. The time has come to tell you more about Agency’s features. Today’s showcase is going to be about stealth, moreover, it’s going to be split in two, meaning we are going to talk about only half of the stealth features right now. Don’t worry, we will tell you about the rest of them in another showcase, so stay tuned for that! Let us move on to the features themselves.

They can see you

Obviously, there is no stealth without people being able to notice you. We have constructed our own visual detection system to make the stealth gameplay feel more realistic and reasonable. In fact, such details as being in cover, being in stealth mode or simply facing away matter in our system, granting you flexibility in your movement and your tactical choices. For example, you are much more likely to be recognized/seen if enemy sees your face instead of your hand.

You look quite dapper today

Part of a proper stealth mission is appropriate disguise, meaning sometimes you’d have to have more than one. Next feature on the table is changing outfits. In the game you can have any kind of outfit you want, but playing Agency you’ll have to get any outfit you need. We make that possible with granting you the ability of stripping unconscious people down to being almost naked, but don’t be naughty – you have a job. After they are laying shirtless and all sleepy-like, you will be dressed exactly as they were just a second ago, granting you new identity. Your old outfit is not discarded however – it is comfortably folded on the ground beside the unconscious stranger you just hit on the head. With your new look you can go wherever you want, do whatever you want, and get as many new flashy outfits you want.

Catch! …Works every time

Getting those flashy cool outfits from staff is getting more difficult as they learn that keeping distance is an option. Introducing: throwable props. These little fellas will help you with people who are a bit farther away than your fists. Have you ever dreamed of throwing a bottle at a person’s head? If yes, you should get that checked out at local doctor, preferably psychiatrist. Nonetheless, we are granting you an ability of throwing stuff at people in game. Each throwable is a unique object – a knife, a book or a mug. But as you might have guessed, throwables differ in properties: some are deadly, some are not. While a knife will eliminate everyone who dares stand in its way, a book will simply put them to a cute nap, making them unconscious, so that you can do everything you want with them (zip those back you weirdo).

See you next time!

This concludes our second showcase about stealth mechanics for Agency. We will patiently wait for you to join us next month for the next showcase. We might tease progress on that here and there, so be sure to check out our socials. See you soon!




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