Showcase #1. Introduction.

5 months ago


People seem to have become progressively more and more irritated with each other, which is a perfect opportunity for Agency to emerge from shadows.

Agency is looking for people with extensive skill set and unstoppable will for money and blood.

This is no place for wimps and we have only one question for you. Are you up for the challenge?


Agency is a stealth action modification for Grand Theft Auto V. Gameplay varies from silently sneaking among enemies to mercilessly shooting your whole mag into mindless bodies of mercenaries. How to traverse mission grounds is up to you.

Screenshot 1

What is Agency

Agency is an organization that is secret to public. Its occupation is assassinations, hits and other dangerous jobs of similar kind. Kill, escort, save – one day you might have to do it all. Agency makes sure its agents are safe from the government pursuit to establish clear trust relationships and agents repay them with clearing out contract targets.

Screenshot 3

Setting bars high

Our developers make sure your experience with the mod is opposite from trivial, there are several core gameplay mechanics. These mechanics are going to actively affect the way you progress through the mission, they will ultimately make you think before you act. We will describe each mechanic in detail later, but we can share something that might catch your eye.

You may be surprised, but Agency mod provides engaging story to go along with the gameplay, both complementing each other. We will be sharing more about the story and the main character in some time, so stay tuned.

Screenshot 2

That is it for our introductory Dev Blog – more sparks and surprises wait for you along the way, but only if you are patient enough. Patience is important skill amongst our agents.




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Showcase #1. Introduction.